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Survey Types

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If you plan to carry out any refurbishment or demolition work to a building or parts of a building, for example turning old office space into residential dwellings, then you will require a refurbishment and demolition survey. This is a fully intrusive survey and will need to be conducted first before any other works can start. If only certain parts of a building or property are to be refurbished or demolished the survey can be tailored to suit the works that are to be carried out.

If a building or premises are to be fully demolished, then a fully destructive and intrusive asbestos demolition survey would be required. Where possible it is best to get the asbestos survey completed well before any planned works as if any asbestos containing materials need removal this could impact your projects completion dates.


The management survey is the simplest type of asbestos survey.


All non-domestic buildings built before 2000 should have an asbestos management survey. The management survey will include minor disturbance to the premises to determine the location of any asbestos containing materials the information in a management survey will allow duty holders to effectively manage all the asbestos containing materials in the building or premises.


The duty holder or the person responsible for the maintenance of the premises has a duty to manage asbestos. The asbestos management survey is part of that duty and is the first step to meeting your health and safety obligations regarding asbestos.




If you are purchasing a property it is commonplace to have a homebuyer’s report or some type of building survey. Although there is no legal requirement to have one of these surveys it makes sound financial sense especially where asbestos is concerned. The purpose of this survey is to make sure all the problems with the property are identified prior to purchase as some properties can have nasty defects and, in some instances, can contain asbestos.


Typically, a homebuyers’ reports will state there may be asbestos in certain places or in certain items in the property for example the report may say “asbestos may be present in the artex”. It is essential you get any items mentioned in your report checked prior to purchase as it can be expensive to remove and a danger to your health and safety. If you have any concerns about asbestos containing materials raised in a homebuyer’s report contact us and we can advise on your best course of action.

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